transportation nation

“With transportation on the edge of disruption, Daimler, the company that invented the automobile in 1886 and owns Mercedes-Benz, founded moovel to reinvent the concept of urban mobility. At moovel, we aim to discover how new technologies will affect the way we move tomorrow and connect the ever-changing state of urban transportation. Our products and solutions address ever changing market needs, improve customer experience and overall ridership, and support first and last mile services.” - moovel

It was a pleasure working with moovel for over a year to create content in North America and Europe!

transit trends

a deeper dive into what moves us

Tasked with creating an original YouTube show was a great way to take a closer look at transportation in our world.

The twelve episode series that lasted one year has gained views and respect in the transportation community. Each episode brings a unique look into a topic that is both important and interesting. With the help of experts from around the world we were able to unpack topics ranging from why we sit in traffic to the future of driverless cars!

An important background in journalism helped drive this series into the classroom of college students. That’s right, professors valued this so much that episodes were incorporated into college curriculum!

Produced, Shot, and Edited by Alex Penrose