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Hello! My name is Alex Penrose, I’m a freelance filmmaker and photographer based in Austin, TX.

With now over a decade’s experience in the video production industry, I’m your go-to man when it comes to making things happen. For smaller clients I’m an all-in-one package, helping bring concepts to life though experienced producing, smooth shooting, visionary directing and creative editing. For bigger clients I’m a secret weapon with a deep network in Austin’s filmmaking industry.

Video and photo have always been part of my life. After studying mass media and digital film production at Missouri State University, I started my career as a photojournalist which spanned over 5 years. The fast-paced broadcast news environment allowed me to hone my interpersonal skills through interacting with an extremely diverse set of people. From CEOs to the average Joe, it was my job to help tell their story as accurately as possible.

I simultaneously landed my first freelance jobs while working for the news and this is when it all really started. Event recaps, sizzle reels, web commercials, music videos and more. I got my hands on varied projects made for both traditional media and social media, and proved that creativity has no limits.

After freelancing for a few years, I decided it would be advantageous to work in a more structured environment. Quickly I landed a position at Moovel, a Daimler subsidiary and international urban mobility company. Being part of the marketing team of a tech startup was game-changing. It allowed me to gain real-world experience helping oversee all aspects of content from development to distribution. It was my job to conceptualize ideas with a team that would help move the needle on the companies’ public reputation in a niche space. My proudest achievement while working there was creating a hit YouTube series that not only attracted thousands of viewers, but found its way into the college curriculum at a major university.

After a few years, Moovel decided to move its North American headquarters to Portland, Oregon, so I decided it was time to jump back into freelance. Quickly, I found myself linking up with Side Label, a full-service video, media and event production agency specializing in provocative content and multi-platform experience. It was there where I continued to freelance, in-house, with this amazing company and assist on producing work for large clients such at SJR, Accenture, Universal Music and Zagat.

I’m always ready to make new connections and I’m already looking forward to meeting you! So hit me up if you think we could work together. I would love to share my passion for filmmaking and bring my solid knowledge of video production, while keeping learn new skills and meeting new people through your production company. I’m sure we could be a good fit for each other!